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How to use our Meme Generator:

Here you will learn how to use our meme generator in 3 steps. Please read this before you making a meme.


1. Select or Upload Picture:

First Select one of our existing memes or if you want to have a customized meme your can upload one yourself from your computer.

We can recommend you to use a meme of the size around 450 x 450. and our maximum size is 1024×1024.


After you selected your meme or uploaded your own meme you can press the button NEXT>>


2. Fill out the information

Fill the information:

Name your meme: Any Name

Top Text: recommended to keep it as short as possible

Bottom Text: recommended to keep it as short as possible

Text Size: Any size between 0 to 250

Text Style: Recommend the first Heavy White Capital Text


Press Next >>


3. Save your meme

You have now the selections for your meme:

Download: You can download and save your generated meme to your computer. If you want you can upload it to our site Submit Meme if you want to share it with us

Facebook: Share your meme on facebook

Twitter: Share your meme on Twitter.


You are done!

If you liked our “Meme Generator Tool” I hope that you want to share our tool with your friends and I hope that we can see your meme uploaded on our webpage 🙂 Good luck!